Nå går det fort mot slutten av vinteren 🙂

Alle er vel litt lei om dagen 🤔 Selv statsministeren ga litt blaffen i sine egne regler ved å samle litt for mange mennesker i hyggelig lag 🙂

Vi forsetter som før med å lage hjemmesider for bedrifter i vårt herlige land :)

This is just a small warning ..

Do you receive e-mail that looks like it comes from the bank? If they ask for sensitive information, then you can count on it not being from your bank ...

They never ask for a username or password or other things.

Good rule, if you are going to your bank, use the link you have always made to log in. Do not click on a link that comes in an email.


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The new coronavirus was discovered in January 2020 and new knowledge is constantly gaining.
What do we know about the outbreak, the virus, the disease and the risk?
Information and advice will be adjusted and updated according to the outbreak's development and knowledge of the infection.
How to prevent infection?
The mode of infection is mainly drop and contact infection as for other coronaviruses, but the virus has also been detected in feces.
However, knowledge about the path of infection is limited to the slide this is a new virus, so properties of closely related coronaviruses are used as the advice.

Wonderful winter day in Larvik